Danny's Farm on Wheels

The former Altadena petting zoo that inspired Alec Baldwin to throw a San Marino fundraiser in May will be able to visit events around the area after the purchase of a new truck. The next step is to get a trailer.

Danny's Farm, the one-time Altadena petting zoo that was forced to relocate, could end up being able to revisit the city with upcoming plans to make the program mobile.

The program was founded by Altadena residents Cathy Gott and her husband and former Dodgers pitcher Jim Gott, and was designed to cater to autistic children and employee autistic adults.

The animals were in January after county officials informed them their property was not properly zoned to host the facility there.

The family was unable to relocate their bigger animals to the South Pasadena facility, but has kept some of the smaller ones there.

The Gotts held a San Marino and raised $100,000, enough to get the new mobile program started.

A truck that will be able to move the animals around has already been purchased, and a trailer is next, according to Cathy Gott.  She wrote in an email to Patch that the trailer should be purchased some time this Fall and then the program will be fully mobile.

In the mean time, the farm already has an event outside the facility planned for this weekend, when it will visit the Villa Esperanza's 50th Block Party at the 2100 block of Villa Street in Pasadena on Saturday.  Danny's Farm will be there from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and admission is $5 per person (free for children aged 5 and younger).


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