UPDATED: Officials Confirm Expired Paint Was Cause For Concern

Unknown where the expired paint may have come from, illegal dumping suspected.

UPDATE, 2:16 p.m.: Beth Stogner of the Arcadia Fire Department told Patch that firefighters were investigating what appeared to be paint inside the containers.

Patch was on scene and learned officials determined that three five-gallon cans contained expired, oil-based paint. The paint had turned mostly solid, said Winston Perez of the Los Angeles County Fire Hazmat Division. Officials believe the cans were the product of illegal dumping, as they came with wiping rags typically used in auto body shops, Perez added.

Public Works employees were summoned to remove the expired paint, officials said.

PREVIOUSLY: Firefighters are investigating the contents of some paint can-sized containers on Forest Avenue and have called in a hazardous materials team.

It is not known at this time what those containers may hold and the substance is only described as producing a strong odor. The containers have been described as the size of paint cans, according to scanner reports.

Police have the alley closed off behind the 200 block of East Forest Avenue to prevent anyone from approaching the containers, said Lieutenant Bob Anderson of the Arcadia Police Department.

This story will continue to be updated as information becomes available.


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