How to Keep Your Pooch Happy During the Fireworks

Patch offers some friendly suggestions for how to keep your canine from going bonkers during the Fourth of July Festivities!

Exhaust the Dog

Wear out your dog out with a long walk and vigorous activity earlier in the day. If you’re too busy with Independence Day activities to sufficiently tire out your four-legged friends, consider calling local professional pet walker and sitter Whitney Max. She works exlusively with pets in San Marino, South Pasadena and Pasadena. Call her at 626-403-1377. You can visit her site here. By the time the fireworks get going, your dog will hopefully be so exhausted he won’t be too bothered.

Cater to the Dog 

What could be a distressing evening can turn into a happy playtime with a couple of new squeaky toys, ropes and bones! Stop by one of San Marino's premiere pet grromers/shops, like or to pick up a few! Feed him his favorite dinner, so he's fully satisfied. Spend time with him, with lots of petting and snuggling. A new toy, a good meal, and love will make him feel safe, not unlike a human.

Bear with the Dog

If all else fails, and he's simply freaking out, there's not much else you can do. Close the curtains and windows so he can't see or hear the blasts (the flashing lights can cause anxiety in the dog as well as the noise). Have a comfortable crate or area ready for him to retreat to. Turn on the air conditioner so he's comfortably cool, have a bowl of water for him ready, and turn on music or the television to somewhat drown out the fireworks.


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