San Marino Named Fashionista Town

The bundle.com website lists San Marino among its top fashionista towns in the United States. Would you agree?

According to bundle.com, San Marino's fashionista population is 7.57 percent of its households, making it tied for 25th most fashionable town in America, along with Riverside, CT.

The data-driven ratings website examined the most fashionable cities in America, as well as fashionable towns, based on "fashion-conscious households," which were defined as households that had at least four transactions at top-end designer merchants in the past 30 months.

Here's how a number of towns rated:

The most fashionable town in the United States is Newport Coast [but, really, is that a town?] at 16.15 percent of its households. Glencoe, IL, comes in second at 15.95 percent; Rancho Santa Fe third at 14.68 percent; Winnetka, IL, fourth at 13.74; Key Biscayne, FL, fifth at 13.09 percent; Corona Del Mar sixth at 12.85 percent; Beverly Hills seventh at 12.81 percent; Pacific Palisades eighth at 12.70 percent; Highland Park, IL, ninth at 11.84 percent, and Atherton tenth at 11.56 percent.

Other California towns beating out San Marino are: Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Calabasas and Del Mar.

However, San Marino's fashionable households beat out prominent Southland towns like Malibu (6.75 percent), West Hollywood (6.49 percent) and Santa Monica (6.15 percent), as well as nearby city La Cañada Flintridge (6.26 percent).

The bundle.com material reports that on average 1.5 percent of U.S. households are fashion conscious.

Why is San Marino Fashionable?

So, why is San Marino so fashionable? A few factors come to mind.

  • San Marino residents have money to spend on top designers. If there's any question, the by Business Week, who reported San Marino's average household income is $227,241 and average household net worth is $1,459,899.
  • Fashionistas are in our midst. Notable designer Jazmin Whitley, who was the youngest person ever to show at New York Fashion Week, had her very first fashion show at when she was just a senior student. Whitley has gone on to have her own MTV reality show and dress celebrities.

*According to Wikipedia, "Newport Coast was annexed into Newport Beach, California in 2001." The 2010 census reports its population as 9,741.

Do you think San Marino is fashionable? Why or why not?


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