San Marino Patch on CBS News!

San Marino Patch and one of its health columnists were on TV last night.

Los Angeles CBS stations, CBS 2 and K-Cal 9, aired a segment Friday afternoon and evening that highlighted San Marino Patch and one of our new health columnists.

The CBS segment addressed the recent lice outbreak in the Los Angeles area and CBS interviewed Alexis Anvekar M.D., since she offered tips last week on how to treat and prevent lice in San Marino Patch's weekly health column,

Watch the CBS news clip, via Yahoo! News, here. A brief view of Anvekar's San Marino Patch article is at the 21-second mark, and San Marino Patch and Anvekar appear from about 39 seconds on.

In What's Up Doc?, which debuted last Sunday on San Marino Patch, and her husband, , address one reader-submitted health question each week.

Due to the lice outbreak in San Marino schools, Dr. Alexis Anvekar gave tips on how to spot, prevent and treat lice. Read the full What's Up, Doc? article . To submit a health question for What's Up, Doc? just write your question in the comment box below the article or email jessica.hamlin@patch.com.

What's Up Doc? is on San Marino Patch every Sunday, so check back to see what question the docs answered this week!


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