6 Ways to Stay Fit Over the Holidays

Has holiday gluttony already set in? Get in check with these tips for staying fit and healthy over the holidays from San Marino Athletic Club owner and trainer Brandon Williams.

Decadent food and drinks are often a hallmark of the holidays and with them comes the possibility of falling off the fit wagon and resorting to stretch pants when the rest of your wardrobe seems to have magically "shrunk".

But you can still have fun and be healthy--just plan ahead, remember you are worth it and follow these tips from owner and trainer Brandon Williams, who is also the strength and conditioning coach.

  • Find family-friendly exercise activities. Bike rides, hiking, tennis, Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect video games can be a fun way to burn off a few extra calories after dinner and get the whole family involved--try dancing and sports games.
  • Do big bang-for-your-buck workouts. Circuit training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio work burn the most calories in the shortest time.
  • Plan your workouts ahead of time based on yours and your family’s schedule. If it is important you will make the time. Do not skip your workouts! If you know you will be eating or drinking a lot, workout the day of and day after to minimize the added calories.
  • Plan your cheat meals for big events and parties. This way, you don’t feel guilty eating appetizers, drinking and having desserts around the holidays. Just be sure you are extra disciplined on non-cheat days.
  • Make sure you eat protein and vegetables at every meal. Green bean casserole and mashed potatoes don’t count. Squash, asparagus and salads are much better choices. Set out fruit and vegetable trays with other appetizers for parties and before big dinners. Just make sure you actually eat the fruits and vegetables.
  • Dial down the drinking. Drinking can add a lot of extra calories during the holidays. Avoid sugary cocktails and use diet mixers when necessary.

How do you stay healthy over the holidays? Tell us in the comment box below.

Cathy Gott November 30, 2011 at 03:49 PM
Brandon is such a great trainer! A great holiday gift is a series of training sessions at San Marino Athletic Club.


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