A Look at Restaurant Inspection Grades in San Marino

How did your favorite eatery fare?

Bugs. Dirty hands. Contaminated surfaces.

Are you getting more than you ordered when you eat out in San Marino?

Food facility inspection results for the city, including any violations for which an establishment was cited, can be found online at the Food Facility Rating page at the Los Angeles County Public Health website.

Consumers can search the results for San Marino—as well as any city in Los Angeles County—and view current scores and the last date of inspection.

Establishments recently closed due to compliance issues can be found at the site's searchable Food Facility Closure List page.

For more information on how food facilities are scored and graded, read the Retail Food Inspection Guide attached to this story in the media box.

Tori Collender February 10, 2013 at 06:11 PM
The number of food related hospitalizations and deaths in L.A. County dropped signicantly after the posting system was implemented. Too bad our S.M. city council saw fit to deny us the convenience of posting the grades on the door which every other resident of the county enjoys. Pasadena and a couple of other cities have their own health departments, inspectors, and posting rules. I regularly check the inspection reports of the restaurants and grocery stores which I patronize. All of them are required to allow customers who ask to see a copy of the report on the premises.


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