Cool Treats to Beat the Heat

Stay cool during this week's triple-digit temperatures with local refreshing drinks and frozen creations.

Summer may seem over since , but the National Weather Service predicts local temperatures in the triple digits this week.

A high of 97 degrees is predicted for the San Marino area Tuesday while Wednesday has a forecasted high of 102 degrees and Thursday's predicted high is 101 degrees.

After you check out these important , make the most of the heat wave by enjoying cool drinks and frozen concoctions offered locally:

Patch Picks: Cool Summer Drinks tells you where to go in town for delicious and different smoothies, ice teas and blended coffee beverages. There isn't a lack of choices!

Patch Picks: Ice Cream Dreams gives you the lowdown on an array of ice cream shops like San Marino's and even a hidden gem of a gelato shop that each serve flavors and creations as big as your imagination--or this heat wave.

Stay safe during the heat and happy hunting for cool relief!


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