Authorities Tranquilize Bear After It Shuts Down 210 Freeway

Deputies successfully moved the animal away from traffic into a neighborhood on Fairway Avenue. Fish and Game is on scene.

Authorities tranquilized a bear on Sunday morning that briefly slowed down traffic on the 210 Freeway, according to the county Sheriff's Department.

Deputies estimate the bear tranquilized Sunday morning weighed about 300 pounds and appeared thin, without an identification tag on its ear, officials told Patch. 

Deputies at the Crescenta Valley Sheriff's Station received a call about 7:20 a.m. Sunday that a resident saw a bear climb over his fence and knock it down in the 3000 Block of Henrietta Avenue, in La Crescenta, said Sheriff's Capt. Mike Parker. 

Authorities spotted him walking southbound on Glenwood Avenue, near Foothill Boulevard, Parker told Patch. The animal lounged near a nail salon in the 2900 Block of Foothill Boulevard then south toward , where it roamed the track.  

From the school, the bear walked to the La Crescenta onramp and onto the Foothill (210 Freeway), Parker said.

"It remained in center divider for about five minutes and seemed very scared," Parker said.

The bear walked off the freeway and went onto Mayfield Avenue and stayed in someone's backyard before walking east onto Fairway Avenue, the .  

The animal went south to the 2400 Block of Florencita Avenue in Montrose and wandered toward Hermosa and Sunset avenues, where officials used a tranquilizer dart for the third time.  They were then able to collect the bear and transport him out of the area.

Glendale Police Department assisted in securing the neighborhood and sheriff's officials implemented a reverse 911 call to warn locals of the bear.  

"We’re very gland that no one was hurt, including the bear, we do have to keep in mind that they are wild animals. Although we have tremendous compassion for the bear, we do have to put the safety of the public first," Parker said. 

"And in this case, like many others, it has ended well with no one hurt, including the bear," he said. 

A bear was struck by a vehicle on the 210 Freeway in La Canada Flintridge in a separate incident in August. . 


Nico September 09, 2012 at 10:41 PM
Marty, there was a huge fire in 2008 (remember?) This started by humans and bungled by the USFS so that thousands of acres were scorched. This is why the animals are appearing in such large numbers.
not Carl Peterson lll September 10, 2012 at 01:15 AM
@ nico .....Side note...Nico did you go to pasadena arts school? In reference to the fire as the reason animals appearing in large numbers. I believe that the amount of bears, sightings and population has grown significantly over the decades. I have an assumption that this increase is causing, and will cause, more negative results for the animals and eventually humans. I base this on what I have read, and observed over five decades. Not scientific---If someone has hard, non-biased facts either way, wonderful! I would rather find what is the fact than have opinion be the prevailing paradigm. You state that the fire ( I'm sure you meant station fire of 2009), that burned 161.500 acres, is the reason for more bear sightings. My general Idea is that the amount of bears ( and lions) have increased over the decades. As for the fire, I skepticlly started reading up the reports. Although a whole host of different effects can happen to the wildlife, at first blush I am seeing evidence toward your point about sightings of the recent. O.K., but we still have the decades long trend
Tarik Trad September 10, 2012 at 03:37 PM
While it's quite honorable to find solutions for the bears wandering into populated areas, I think what we're doing (darting/tagging/relocating) is the most humane solution with such limited county and state resources. The bears aren't the only ones facing tough times. There are also a lot of humans in our area that could benefit from the generosity of "food drops" to local churches/mosques/synagogues and designated food banks. Just my two cents.
Jesse Brown September 10, 2012 at 03:49 PM
We could have hiking trails set up for a new sport with prize money for the hiker(s) that get from point A to point B with all their limbs intact. This way a whole new industry could be set up and governed by the state lottery commission and there could be side-betting, odds making and Vegas ties at the sports book and.. and.. EmployMent
Aisha Cohen September 10, 2012 at 05:43 PM
marty, excellent comment...we agree this time. You said what I would have said before I had the chance to say it. If you give a bear a fish, he won't want to fish for himself anymore.


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