San Marino Author Details Journey Through Chronic Illness

C.B. Shiepe, San Marino resident and author of successful novel “Cliff Falls,” dealt with an illness for years that challenged and affirmed his faith in God and led him to where he is today, Shiepe tells Guideposts.

Perhaps you’ve seen San Marino resident and author C.B. Shiepe around town. The writer is often at and always has a smile for those he greets.

Shiepe’s novel Cliff Falls about a child star on the run has gotten even more attention lately, with and .

But you may not know that Shiepe struggled with a chronic illness for years that eluded doctors and tested his faith.

Shiepe tells his story in the most recent issue of Guideposts Magazine, recalling how one day he was so tired and of laying in bed he made an impulsive decision to drive 400 miles to a church near Stanford that he had attended one summer.

It was there that he heard from God in the midst of his frustration and kept moving forward in faith despite being ill for years afterward.

“I’m finally healthy now and am enjoying a successful career as an author,” Shiepe said in the Guideposts article, which includes a photo of him in . “Some days I let my mind go back to my long ordeal. I wouldn’t want to go through it all again, but I wouldn’t change the work God has done in me.”

See the full article and Shiepe’s tips for dealing with chronic illness here.

Do you know Shiepe? What do you think of his ordeal? What is your advice for dealing with chronic illness? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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