San Marino Patch Editor Transferring in July

Editor Jessica Hamlin is leaving in July and is so grateful for all the relationships, events and memories she has experienced in San Marino.

When I , no one in town knew what Patch was and we were a younger company with far fewer sites than we have now. A year and a half later, many people in the community tell me that San Marino Patch is their go-to destination for local news, and the city council members, many business owners, residents and I know each other by name.

Starting July 2, I will transfer to Sierra Madre Patch and will no longer be the editor of San Marino Patch.

You will be in the very capable hands of Cassandra Morris, who has worked as a Patch editor for a few sites, and Regional Editor Patrick Lee, both of whom will be filled in about the community.

Thinking back on the past year and a half of San Marino Patch is a whirlwind and it has been a truly rewarding experience. I am thankful for every person who took time to hear about San Marino Patch, spread the word or answer questions for an interview; anyone who ever sent me a news tip; and all the people who have posted , , , and comments on the site and . You are what help keep the conversation going and make San Marino Patch the best it can be. I’d love to mention the names of numerous people, but am afraid I would leave someone out—there’s so many of you!

If you want to see all the ways you can .

I have had the privilege of covering pretty much everything in San Marino, whether it was , and staying up into the wee hours to , documenting important , touring the , seeing the , watching , sitting in court , speaking with , watching the , and of course, being on the scene and covering the . My colleagues and I are honored to be .

I’ve loved meeting so many people who are active community members at events like , , and , the and many more.

I’ve spent hours typing away at , where I’ve eaten more low-fat breakfast sandwiches than I can count, treated myself to mini cupcakes or salmon salad at , tea or luscious ice cream from , Kung Pao Delights Healthy Cuisine style at , pecan bars or rosemary currant bread from , Parisian salad from , fish tacos from , a grilled turkey sandwich at , and the list goes on.

Since I started Patch, I’ve attended nearly every mixer that’s taken place, introducing people to Patch before San Marino Patch even launched, and then looking forward to seeing the new and familiar faces each month. I said my bittersweet farewells at the Chamber mixer Thursday night and will genuinely miss seeing the local organizers and usual business owners and residents that attend.

I could go on and on further about all the ways I’ve gotten to interact with the San Marino community and all the things I’ve learned, but I’ll just reiterate: Thank you. I appreciate each and every one of San Marino Patch’s readers.

Jessica Hamlin

P.S.: If you need to reach me, I will still be available at jessica.hamlin@patch.com, but from June 24 on I encourage you to contact Patrick Lee or Cassandra Morris since I will be out of town the last week in June and transferring to Sierra Madre in July.

Regional Editor Patrick Lee can be reached at: patrickl@patch.com.
Cassandra Morris and Patrick Lee can both be reached at sanmarino@patch.com.

Jessica Hamlin June 18, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Update: Cassandra Morris and Patrick Lee can both be reached at sanmarino@patch.com.
Patrick Lee June 18, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Jessica, you've done a great job in San Marino! Looking forward to having you in Sierra Madre.


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