Barber of Fake Rockefeller Charged With Murder Speaks Out

San Marino’s Jann T. Eldnor, also known as “Jann of Sweden,” described the man charged Tuesday with a 1985 San Marino murder as “a real gentleman.”

The man who cut the hair of Christian Gerhartsreiter—a man of many aliases who was —told Patch Thursday about his mysterious customer during the '80s.

When asked if he thinks Gerhartsreiter--who has also claimed to be a Rockefeller--killed Sohus, Jann T. Eldnor, owner of Jann of Sweden barbershop in San Marino, said, “Most likely he did, yes.” Though Eldnor, who cut Gerhartsreiter’s hair every two weeks for two to three years during the 80s, added, “He was not acting and looking like a murderer, he was a real gentleman.”

 Gerhartsreiter’s lawyer that Gerhartsreiter said he’s innocent.

In the '80s, Gerhartsreiter went by the alias Christopher Chichester and lived in the back house of John and Linda Sohus’ San Marino home.

Gerhartsreiter was charged Tuesday with the 1985 murder of John Sohus, whose bones were found in the backyard of the San Marino home in 1994. The bones were unidentifiable until recently and have been linked to Gerhartsreiter. Linda’s remains or whereabouts have not been discovered.

Eldnor said he knew Gerhartsreiter more than any other customers. Gerhartsreiter would hang out around Eldnor’s barber shop, and if he had nothing to do he would come up to Eldnor and talk, Eldnor said.

“He acted very well, was extremely nice and friendly and correct towards women,” said Eldnor. “He said he came from royalty in England and acted that way. His English was really perfect, even though he was German. He dressed in a suit and tie everyday.”

Eldnor also described Gerhartsreiter as “a really smart guy” and that everywhere Gerhartsreiter went, people looked up to him. 

“People could never see through him,” said Eldnor. “My outlook on him was that he was a flaky guy. I still got this feeling that he was a flaky guy, even though he fooled a lot of people. His brain was and is going a million miles an hour, [and] that’s why he can act so well. It’s an art to do. A normal guy cannot do it.”

Gerhartsreiter, a 50-year-old German national, is currently serving a four-to-five year sentence in Massachusetts for kidnapping his daughter during a court ordered visitation in 2008 and trying to flee the country.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials have begun the process of extraditing Gerhartsreiter to California to face the murder charge.

If convicted, Gerhartsreiter could be sentenced to 26 years to life in prison. Prosecutors are seeking $10 million in bail.

Elle March 19, 2011 at 02:25 PM
I saw this guy before on a Dateline Special or 48 Hours (not so sure) years before. It's creepy to hear that he once lived here in San Marino. He conned & swindled people & lots of women from different countries & states. I wouldn't be surprised if he committed other murders. Scary. I'm glad he finally got caught.
Sparky July 08, 2011 at 06:39 PM
I knew this fellow when he was in Boston. He's brilliant.
Sparky July 09, 2011 at 02:10 AM
Someone is using "Sparky" to post fake comments


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