No Left Turn at School District Entrance

Police will begin enforcing the no left turn law on West Drive.

Superintendendent Loren Kleinrock sent a notice to parents that will be enforcing the no left turn law on West Drive at the district's entrance.

Here's the full notice Kleinrock sent out Friday:

To ensure the safety of our children and motorists, the San Marino Police Department is actively enforcing the No Left Turn restriction posted on West Drive at the San Marino Unified School District driveway entrance.

Please be aware of and adhere to all posted requirements.  By doing so you may avoid receiving a citation.

We're not sure when enforcement begins, so we'll assume it's immediate. Let us know if you encounter police anywhere near there and we'll update our story.

SM resident for 40yrs June 25, 2012 at 09:06 PM
I am all for enforcing the left turn restriction and believe it was the right thing for Loren Kleinrock to send notices to the parents; however she should have done so before the enforecement began. The sign was never enforced before i received my ticket in April of 2011 for making that turn at 7:46am (one minute after the posted restricted time). The officer told me that they were asked by the school to start enforcing the sign.


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