Police Emergency Response Times Average Less Than Two Minutes

San Marino Police Chief Tim Harrigan calls his department's response times 'outstanding.'

San Marino's police and fire departments rated well in recent audit of area first responders.

According to a report by the San Marino Tribune, Police Chief Tim harrigan called his agency's one minute and fifty-nine second response time "excellent" and credited the residents and city government for supporting the department.

The average response time for the non-emergency, or priority two, calls was three and-a-half minutes, the Tribune reported.

Fire chief Jim Frawley also was pleased with his department's response times and record, telling the Tribune he is proud of "the effort our firefighters put forth to get to people who need our help as quickly as possible."

Some of the people rating the police department on Yelp.com, where the department has three out of four stars, also addressed response time. 

Emily W. of Los Angeles wrote about the department's handling of damage caused by heavy winds.

". . . the SMPD was very good in its response time. When there were trees that were blocking the streets, they managed to drag the heavy trees out of the streets on their own," she wrote.

The fire department was not rated on the site.


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