'Rockefeller' Faces Trial For San Marino Murder, Due in Court Feb. 9

Judge Jared Moses determined Tuesday that sufficient evidence exists for the case of a man charged with 1985 San Marino murder to go to trial. Felony arraignment is set for Feb. 9.

After five days of a preliminary hearing where attorneys questioned dozens of witnesses, Judge Jared Moses ruled at the Ahambra Courthouse Tuesday that enough evidence exists for the case of

Gerhartsreiter is due back in Alhambra Superior Court Feb. 9. Trial could be set for September, according to Gerhartsreiter's attorneys, but the prosecution could not comment.

Defense attorney Brad Bailey said he expects the trial to last four to five weeks, including jury selection.

Moses ruled the defendant will continue to be held at $10 million bail, despite a request from Bailey that it be negotiated.

"I think that applies given the very little I know about the circumstances surrounding the defendant and issues of flight risk," Moses said.

Gerhartsreiter, who called himself Christopher Chichester in San Marino in the 1980s and later claimed to be Clark Rockefeller, rented a guesthouse on Lorain Road and is charged with the 1985 murder of John Sohus, who lived in the main house with his wife, Linda, and his mother, Ruth "Didi" Sohus.

John and Linda Sohus disappeared from San Marino in 1985 and John's bones were found in the backyard of the Lorain Road home in 1994. Linda Sohus has never been found.

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