Cops Warn Drivers: Watch Out For Students

The San Marino Police Department will be extra vigilant about motorists who fail to stop for pedestrians while hundreds of San Marino students walk and bike to school the next two weeks.

Monday is the first day of a two-week walking/biking challenge for students at and schools so drivers should be extra cautious about the increase in pedestrians, the San Marino Police Department warned in a CLEARS message Sunday.

As part of a general pedestrian patrol over the past couple months, .

Over 400 students will be walking or biking to school every morning over the next two weeks so drivers should take the following precautions:

  • Please be observant of the 25 miles per hour speed limit near the schools when students are present.
  • Texting or using a handheld cell phone while driving is illegal. More importantly, it diminishes the driver's attention to the road, including pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • During this walking/biking challenge, the San Marino Police will be extra vigilant about motorists who fail to stop for pedestrians, especially students.

The walking/biking Challenge will continue through Friday May 25.

After a we asked Patch readers if they feel San Marino streets are safe enough for pedestrians.

The walking and biking challenge is part of Safe Routes to School a program that is federally-funded and administered by the San Marino Police Department, not the .

For more information on this program, or to volunteer with the Safe Routes to School Program, contact Mary Ulin, Safe Routes to School Grant Coordinator at MUlin@SMPD.US or 626-422-6093.

Is your child walking or biking to school over the next two weeks? Upload a photo of your child walking or biking to school to this article.


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