SM County's Chief Probation Officer Under Investigation

Stuart Forrest is being investigated for allegedly possessing child pornography.


Correction: The San Mateo County Sheriff's has issued a statement indicating that Forrest was not booked into jail, but is being questioned by the U.S. Postal Inspector Service.

KTVU.com is reporting that the chief probation officer for San Mateo County is reportedly under investigation for possessing child pornography.

According to the San Mateo Daily Journal, Stuart Forrest was booked into the San Mateo County Jail, and placed on administrative leave Friday.

Forrest is being questioned by federal law enforcement officials.

Chris Kiely December 24, 2012 at 09:12 PM
yeah, I'm sure that is just the best link to go clicking on.........
Alison December 25, 2012 at 06:55 PM
What's not mentioned in this article is that Dr. William Ayres, a child psychiatrist under contract to the juvenile courts in San Mateo County from 1963-2003, and who worked with Forrest, was arrested for molesting many young boys in 2007. He's still out on bail. Many of Ayres' victims were juveniles who were molested in court-ordered sessions. Judge Marta Diaz was very good pals with Robert Forrest and recommended that he get the Chief Probation job. According to San Mateo DA Steve Wagstaffe, Diaz and Ayres were also very good pals, and Diaz would have Ayres over to her house for dinner. She also sent boys to him when she was a prosecutor in the DA's office. According to Wagstaffe, Diaz actively tried to intervene into the police investigation into Ayres in 2002 and warned them to be "real careful because Ayres and I are friends." She then continued to send boys to him for another 15 months. She's the only juvenile judge who sent boys to Ayres who has not publicly apologized for doing so.. It is alarming that both the chief probation officer who worked at Hillcrest juvenile hall for decades and the chief evaluating child psychiatrist for juveniles for four decades at Hillcrest are in trouble for child porn and child molestation, respectively. Did Forrest take photos of boys at juvenile hall? Did Ayres and Forrest exchange information about boys? What's going on here?
Alison December 25, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Good questions, Chris. Alas, a boy came forward in 1987 to CPS in San Mateo to say that Dr. William Ayres molested him. But Dr. Ayres was CPS's primary vendor. The boy's therapist maintains that CPS swept the complaint under the rug because of this. Take a look at this "Juvenile Justice Coordinating Committee" and look who was on it. Then San Mateo DA Jim Fox, Judge Marta Diaz, Stuart Forrest and Gerry Hilliard, head of the juvenile division of the San Mateo Private Defenders who defended Ayres to the press while Ayres was being investigated and has refused to comment since Ayres' arrest. Also, former DA Jim Fox started out as a counselor at Hillcrest. The earliest known victim of Ayres was a juvenile, molested in 1966. His counselor at Hillcrest was Jim Fox. When the victim, who only found out last year that Ayres had been arrested, contacted Jim Fox to let him know he'd been a victim, Fox never responded to his letters or emails. Take a look at this committe: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:F2XSy6X1MQAJ:www.co.sanmateo.ca.us/Attachments/bnc/pdfs/JJCC%2520Meeting%2520Minutes%25203-12-10_final.pdf+%22Stuart+Forrest%22+Mike+Callagy&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESgRUeeHZYPcsmGUYiS7w0Zf9PLgxeBVZG183BiZhRhQSXMsPUcqReo_AWBiZsyAi5t6xuMKPXK9D2k7C8f3eH90z3H28UIRKj4hK5-OXbZTsU6JHuD-9LkldZmu_ToZgq9fXQgV&sig=AHIEtbSAoEwjICKxVC4Wn5PnvsxxKIdEyA
Alison December 27, 2012 at 11:24 AM
The US Postal Inspection Service has been arresting people who have bought films made by AZOV films. Movies depict underage boys. Is that what Forrest was looking at? http://en.boywiki.org/wiki/Azov_Films_Prosecutions Starting in 2012, some US customers of Azov Films have been arrested and charged with receipt and possession of child pornography: some of the nude visual material has been construed as illegal by US Law Enforcement Officers ("LEO's"), including agents of the United States Postal Inspection Service.
Jennifer van der Kleut March 29, 2013 at 12:19 PM
Michelle Gunn, your comment was removed for its profanity (which violates our Terms of Service). Feel free to repost your comment minus the profanity. Thank you.


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