America Recycles Day: Where to Recycle Batteries and More Locally

Businesses in San Marino and other cities are acting as drop-off locations for residents needing to recycle batteries—which, by law, are not allowed to be thrown in the trash—and other items.

Tuesday is America Recycles Day, a nationally recognized day promoting recycling in the United States, so what better time to make sure your used batteries, electronics and other items are disposed of safely?

If that’s not enough motivation, remember that in 2006 California made it illegal to dispose of batteries in the trash.


According to the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, “participating battery take-back businesses display an identifying sticker in their window and place a collection box, provided by the SGVCOG, within their store where consumers can properly dispose of non-working household batteries.”

Batteries accepted in this take-back project include all household batteries under 11 pounds, standard AAA thru D size alkaline, and rechargeable batteries which come in five chemistries and can be found in many products including digital cameras, cordless phones, two-way radios, wireless keyboards, cordless power tools, and cell phones, according to a SGVCOG release.


  • You can drop off batteries in San Marino at:


  • Cell phones and MP3 players can be dropped off at:  


Search for more recycling locations by zip code and item here.


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