City Budget: Salaries Increasing for Many Departments

The city budget shows salary increases for many city departments in the 2011-12 fiscal year for a variety of reasons.

Salaries for certain city departments are expected to go up, Patch found in the 76-page proposed 2011-12 fiscal year city budget up for adoption on Friday.

Some employees are getting step raises, which is an increase to the next grade of pay if the employee has not reached his or her maximum pay grade in that position, San Marino Finance Director Lisa Bailey told Patch Tuesday. Other departments are increasing work hours for certain employees, also resulting in more pay.

Bailey said salaries did not rise for the 2010-11 fiscal year and are not expected to rise for 2011-12 for the city’s executive managers—city manager, assistant city manager, finance director, police chief, planning and building director and community services director. Stay tuned for an article about the salary amounts for San Marino's executive managers.

The San Marino Fire Chief position is a special circumstance as has been working recently as part-time fire chief. After his retirement on June 30, three existing employees will take his place until a full-time fire chief is found.

The hiring of a new full-time chief is dependent on whether voters approve the public safety tax in November. Bailey said a new full-time fire chief would be paid $170,000, including benefits.  

The following chart shows the differences between city employee salaries from the 2010-11 fiscal year budget and the amount estimated to actually be spent in 2010-11, compared to the salaries in the 2011-12 budget up for adoption Friday. A full-time position is equivalent to 40 hours of work per week for 52 weeks.

Full-time Salaries Compared to 10-11 Budget

Full-time Salaries Compared to 10-11 Estimated Actual Cost

Part-time Salaries Compared to 10-11 Budget

Part-time Salaries Compared to 10-11 Estimated Actual Cost Reason for Increase


(city manager, assistant city manager, police captain, administrative assistant, etc.)

+$86,976 +$92,411 -$56,021 -$52,568

*Part-time city clerk becoming full-time

*Employee leave cashouts

Planning and Building +$14,945 +$44,293 unknown unknown

*Employee leave cashouts

*$3,500 raise for assistant

*2% employee raise

Police +$90,102 +$79,751 -$41,314 -$41,314 *Employee vacation time, time off and sick leave accounted for
Fire +$223,390 +$207,532 -$39,350 -$39,350 *Addition of full-time fire chief after November Recreation Administration +$83,541 +$74,758 +$8,677 +$5,477 *Addition of employee work hours
Paul Bois June 22, 2011 at 05:07 AM
I'm glad to see salaries are being raised. Quite interesting to hear about the Fire Department being able to find a new Chief considering I just spoke with someone the other day regarding this issue. It saddened me to think budgets may be so bad the SMFD wouldn't be able to afford a new Chief. I'm sure a plethora of people have succumbed to relief in light of this new revelation. Good for them!


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