Six Questions for Senate Candidate Ameenah Fuller

Patch asks 25th Senate candidate Ameenah Fuller, running to represent San Marino and other cities, her views on local and state issues ahead of the June 5 Primary Election.

Ameenah Fuller, 49, is running in the 25th Senate district. The Democratic candidate is running against incumbent Carol Liu (D-Pasadena) and Republican candidate .

See the 25th Senate district here.

The Upland resident both lives and works in the Inland Empire, providing government consulting services with an emphasis in healthcare for more than 24 years. 

Her goals in office include introducing legislation to promote preventative healtcare and nutrition programs, which she said generally reduce the overall cost of healthcare.  

Patch interviewed Fuller by email. She explains why she believes she can affect the change California is looking for.

1. Why are you running for the 25th Senate district? What experiences has prepared you for the Senate?

The answer is clear. I'm running because I am the best person to bring results to benefit the district. Let me tell you why I believe I'm the best person to represent Senate district 25. Recently, I was acknowledged for advocacy and efforts to support senior’s rights in the number #3 best selling book on Amazon Why Wait? The Baby boomers Guide to Preparing Emotionally, Financially, and Legally for a Parent’s Death. I was a former Legislative Aide, and I was appointed to the California Association of Health Facilities Governmental Relations and Quality Operations and Services Sub-Commitee. I am the former candidate for California Senate District 31. I am a Chaffey College Alumuni and I hold a Masters' of Art in Public Policy from New England College. I have worked in healthcare for about 30 years and I work as a Government Consultant for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) we recover funds for the Medicare program. This means that I prevent fraud and abuse of the Medicare program to safeguard Medicare for future generations. Last year, we recovered $140,000,000 back to into the Medicare fund. These are the types of results I can bring about in Sacramento.

2. What do you think has contributed to the state's current fiscal situation? What would you do to help with the state's recovery? 

The lack of bipartisan leadership to balance budgets. Legislators are no longer making a conscientious effort to balance the budget in California. The solutions are temporary at best for solving the budget crisis in California. It is like putting a band aide on a gunshot wound that is bleeding profusely. This is is why new leadership is needed to bring new ideas to Sacramento to solve budget issues. Offering solutions that include checks and balances of accountability, transparency and reducing waste in our government. When I am elected I will draft legislation to streamline programs to reduce cost and prevent waste of tax payer dollars.  

I believe we need to be fiscally responsible to maintain a balanced budget.

3. What needs to be done to boost economic recovery in California? 

When I am elected I will draft legislation to include a jobs creation to boost small businesses and retrain displaced workers. The bill will include a job boosts in manufacturing, green technology, construction, healthcare and education. My job creation plan will promote and create jobs in the district. My plan will reduce unemployment rates by focusing on displaced workers in a new jobs plan. With a new direction in healthcare this opens a window of opportunities to promote retraining of displaced workers in healthcare fields. California has approx. 9.8 million baby boomers and the need for trained healthcare professionals is in high demand.

The job creation bill will include a tax credit for home builders to build affordable green homes and businesses (not subsidized homes) but affordable green homes tapping into our natural resources of solar energy. I would like to hold economic summits on a quarterly basis to allow constituents input on the economic recovery solutions for the district. We need to be accountable and inclusive of the people we serve as public servants. Open economic platforms to help develop solutions that work for the people. I am the candidate that will work hard to bring jobs and turn the economy around in the district. Our focus as a representative is to work for the community to promote economic growth and reduce waste in Sacramento. Remember to consider the change, vote for Ameenah Fuller CA State Senate District 25.

4. Would you have an instrumental role as previous local representatives have had in bringing funds to the Gold Line extension project? Why or why not?

When I am elected I would work to support funding for the Gold Line extension project. The Gold Line extension will bring a boost to our economy by community to community trade, which is a good thing to promote growth by supporting  small businesses. Local retailers will benefit from new trade from day tourism this will boost our economy.

5. Schools have long struggled with dwindling state resources. How do you think the state should treat funding for public schools and higher education? What should be done to maintain quality education? 

Education is a priority for our children in California. We live in a global society and it is a national security issue if we do not invest in education. Quality education is paramount to our success and our economic growth in California. The schools must be competitive to compete in a global society. Our students must excel in schools that compete for excellence. Students are short changed with poor performing schools, teachers and administrators it is time we look for a new direction and approach to teaching methods in the 21st Century. We need teacher retraining programs that are cost effective to enhance competitiveness of our schools in the districts. We need to expand distance learning programs to reduce cost and provide quality education. We need new leadership to bring about the results you can depend on to promote 21st Century education for district 25.

6. What specific issues would be a high priority for you if you were elected to Senate?

When I am elected the top priorities is job growth, revenue streams education and senior/veteran rights. If these priorities are important to you Remember to consider the change Vote for Ameenah Fuller CA State Senate District 25. Visit VoteFuller.net for more information.

Note: A previous version of this article stated Fuller is endorsed by the California State Democratic Party. This is incorrect and Patch regrets this error.

What do you think of Fuller's answers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

fParedes June 05, 2012 at 06:06 PM
Thank you to the Mountain Views News for your endorsement. Friends to Elect Ameenah Fuller please share this good news. Please review the endorsement of the Mountain Views News. Remember to Vote today for Ameenah Fuller for Ca State Senate District 25. "People First in District 25"http://mtnviewsnews.com/v06/htm/n22/p03.htm


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