Retired Teacher Running for Local State Assembly Seat

Retired San Gabriel Valley teacher David Siegrist joins five other candidates to represent San Marino and other cities in the 49th State Assembly District.

Candidates are coming out of the woodwork to run for the 49th State Assembly District seat currently occupied by , who will be termed out in 2012.

The 49th District includes San Marino and other San Gabriel Valley Cities and a .

The latest candidate is David Siegrist, a retired teacher and advocate for seniors and veterans, among other things.

Siegrist has taught various subjects for elementary and high school, served on education and senior-related organizations and expects to spend more time on his campaign now that he is retired.

Siegrist mentioned some of the following experience in a statement:

  • Has served on the California Senior Legislature for six years.
  • Current First Vice Commander of El Monte American Legion Post 261
  • Served on the Rio Hondo Community College Board of Trustees for eight years
  • Ran for the 49th district’s Democratic party nomination in 2006 and garnered 11 percent of the vote.
  • B.A. in History, an M.A. in Education
  • Served in the Vietnam War for 18 months in the Republic of the Phillippines as a senior cryptographer, teletype operator, and a Thai/Laotian Translator
  • Proficient in English, Spanish, German, Thai, and Laotian

“In the 2006 Assembly race, Mike Eng raised more than $900,000 for his campaign, while Siegrist chose to invest his own funds, spending less than $1,000, and therefore, was totally unbeholden to the state's myriad special interests,” said Siegrist in the statement.

Siegrist’s major issues are:

  • Providing more jobs for Californians
  • Improving public education at all levels
  • Balancing the state budget
  • Cleaning up and ending the great waste in Sacramento
  • Improving services to military veterans
  • Improving services to senior citizens
  • Creating a business-friendly environment in our state
  • Ensuring decent health services for everyone
  • Providing quality services for the homeless

Other candidates for the 49th District are , , Alhambra Mayor Luis Ayala and , who is supported by Assemblyman Eng and Eng’s wife, .

Monterey Park , has been rumored to be a possible 49th assembly district candidate, according to various news publications such as Alhambra Source.

Are you leaning toward voting for a certain State Assembly candidate so far?


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