710 Freeway Alternatives: How and When to Give Feedback

See a rough timeline of when Metro 710 community meetings and open houses will be held and what they entail.

Metro is making an open call to all who are interested in the future of the SR-710 and how to address traffic and mobility in the region to .

See feedback from San Marino residents about the 710 freeway extension and traffic here.

Whether you are on a CLC, contemplating being on a CLC, or are just curious about Metro 710 options, you may want to check out a Metro timeline of the public meeting and feedback process for 710 alternatives (attached to this article).

CLC meetings began this month and alternative concepts open houses will occur in May, followed by more focused CLC meetings and workshops in the summer and presentation of a final set of alternatives in late summer and early fall.

A prior to the meeting, and other meetings will be held in San Marino and other cities affected by possible 710 freeway extension and alternatives.

The Metro website does not currently list information for upcoming SR-710 study meetings, but the events tab on the SR-710 Study facebook page lists information for various cities.

Are you on a CLC? Have you been to a 710 study meeting? What do you think of Metro’s 710 study communication with the public so far? Tell us in the comments.


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