Student is Mayor for the Day

Kristofer Crowell got a chance to be San Marino Mayor Wednesday as part of an auction item from Carver Elementary’s Parent Party fundraiser.

The name “Crowell” can be seen on , but on Wednesday it had a presence in the form of student Kristofer Crowell, who was mayor for the day.

Kristofer, who won the opportunity through his parents bidding for it at the Parent Party , toured City Hall and the San Marino Police Department as part of his duties and also sat with the at Wednesday night’s meeting.

Elected said a few words about Kristofer at the beginning of the meeting, mentioning that the mayor for the day was in band, played tennis and swam and was also a “kind and honest brother.”

Kristofer did not have many words to say at the City Council meeting about his one-day reign, but noted, “It was really cool.”

If you were Mayor of San Marino for a day, what would you do? Tell us in the comments. 


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