San Marino Joins Tighter Permitting Trend Following Occupy Protest

Cities across the nation are making it harder to stage such protests.

Following two Occupy type protests in San Marino—one in April and one in October 2011—outside the home of Wells Fargo CFO Tim Sloan, the city council passed laws restricting such gatherings, joining a trend seen nationwide.

In October of this year, the city passed an ordinance that allows police officers to redirect protests, assemblies and parades on private property to a public area. This comes after an "urgent" picketing restriction passed in November of last year requiring protesters targeting a specific residence to be 75 to 150 feet from the residence.

But a recent Los Angeles Times article, which opens with San Marino's new laws, says the city isn't alone: Camping is banned in Los Angeles parks by a new ordinance, and Philadelphia and Houston enacted restrictions on feeding people in public. In Tennesssee, the Times points out, "cities established curfews, imposed new permit and insurance requirements, and promptly cleared the (Occupy) camp (in Nashville's Legislative Plaza).


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