New Mayor Sun Shares Leadership Goals, Philosophy (Video)

New San Marino Mayor Richard Sun tells Patch what other goals he has for his one-year term and how he views City leadership in the last part of our video interview series with Sun.

At their annual reorganization, the San Marino City Council chose members Richard Sun as the new City mayor and Richard Ward as vice mayor among its members March 14.

In a Patch video interview, Sun answered questions about city taxes, financial sustainability, relations between the Chinese and non-Chinese community in San Marino and the upcoming Centennial, among other things.

In this final part of the series (seen in the video above) we asked Sun what other goals he has for his one-year term as San Marino's Mayor.

"A mayor, basically, is like the chairperson of a corporation--I like to take the leadership," Sun told Patch, adding he wants to work together with the City Council, staff and residents.

“I personally like to voice the citizens’ questions, opinions or if any citizen has a problem they can always have direct access to me.

“My attitude here is I see myself as a servant…and I’d like to see all the City staff have the same kind of attitude. ... We are here to serve our public.”

See the rest of Sun’s response in the video above.

Full Sun Interview

See Sun's thoughts on different issues in the first five parts of the video series with Sun below.

  • Windstorm
  • Finances/Planning
  • Centennial
  • Chinese/Non-Chinese Relations
  • Taxes/Running for Office

What do you think of Sun’s philosophy for City leadership? Do you believe a City’s mayor and staff should act as servants?

What questions do you have for new mayor Richard Sun? Tell us in the comments.


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