Where to Recycle Batteries in San Marino

The UPS store is collecting used household batteries that are illegal to throw away due to environmental concerns.

The San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments issued the following:

Businesses across the San Gabriel Valley are accepting used household batteries. After San Marino's , one of the sites collecting the most batteries closed, the agreed to take over as a collection site.

California banned batteries from trash disposal in 2006 because they are corrosive. Batteries can degrade in landfills leading to environmental hazards. This project has already recycled over 6,000 pounds of batteries.

There is currently a contest to determine which of the forty businesses in the battery-recycling project can collect the most batteries during February. The project aims to collect 10,000 pounds--or five tons--of batteries by the end of March. Residents are urged to support the participating businesses in their city during this contest. 

In San Marino, drop off batteries at:

2275 Huntington Drive
(626) 795-1999

Any household batteries (rechargeable or alkaline under 11 lbs.) and cell phones can be dropped off at any of the forty locations listed at www.SGVCOG.org/batteryrecycling. Batteries accepted include standard AAA-D alkaline, and rechargeable batteries, which can be found in many products including digital cameras, cordless phones, two-way radios, wireless keyboards and cordless power tools.


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