Where to Recycle Batteries in San Marino

Dispose of your batteries legally in San Marino at Huntington Pharmacy.

A group of 39 businesses, including one in San Marino, are part of a pilot program to increase the locations where consumers can legally dispose of batteries.

Since 2006, it has been illegal to simply throw batteries in the garbage. The elements in those batteries can lead to groundwater and soil contamination.

The San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG) received a $395,966 grant to start a pilot program for recycling the batteries, according to Heidi Sanborn of the California Product Stewardship Council.

At the following interactive map site, Los Angeles County residents can find the recycling location closest to them. For San Marino residents, that location is .

Sanborn provides the following instructions on recycling:

Residents can bring any household batteries (rechargeable or alkaline that weigh less than 11 lbs.) and cell phones to the take-back locations. Signs on store windows identify take-back locations. Customers can turn in their batteries at the marked battery recycling boxes inside the store. Simple instructions on how to safely recycle batteries are located on each take-back box. Full boxes of batteries are mailed to recycling facilities at no charge to the participating businesses.

According to Sanborn, a survey done by the SGVCOG as part of the program showed that about 60-percent of area residents were aware of the 2006 California law banning trash disposal of batteries, and 56 percent of those aware of the ban still throw batteries in the trash.


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