Whiz Kid: Theatrical Academic Megan Halkett

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This week's whiz kid is Megan Halkett, a young lady with amazing academic ability. Not only is she brain smart, but she's also culturally smart, participating in multiple musical and theatric productions. Her well-rounded personality and skillset is what caught our attention and has earned her a spot in this week's Whiz Kid article!

Megan started at , then and now is a junior at . Her parents are Kent Halkett (attorney), and Kim Halkett (homemaker and full-time volunteer) and she has a younger sister named Bailey Halkett (13, attends Huntington Middle School) and a golden retriever named Bear.

She fell in love with her first class of chemistry and is considering a profession in the field. Megan loves to spend time with her little sister whenever she can.

  • Whiz Kid’s Name: Megan Halkett


  • Whiz Kid’s Age: 16


  • Whiz Kid’s School: San Marino High School, Junior


  • Whiz Kid’s Accomplishment: Megan is an exceptional student. Aside from maintaining an impressive 4.5 GPA in all academic subjects, she takes time to enrich herself culturally through the school musical and theatre productions. She has been in every production produced by San Marino High School since her freshman year.


  • Whiz Kid’s Awesomeness:  The key to Megan’s awesomeness is her wholehearted and earnest perspective on life. On average, Americans work the most hours on an annual basis when compared to every other developed country and it’s often times difficult to take life, slow it down, and live. To Megan, the time everyone has to live is the same, whether you're a prince or a pauper. “It’s not about how much time you have, but how meaningful you use the time you are given.” Megan’s philosophy on how precious time is extends beyond her ability to manage her time wisely, prioritize her schedule and make sure each of her precious seconds are filled with the motivated, focused, and disciplined attitude she applies to all components of her life. She makes time in her busy schedule to share in life with her friends, family and community. Clearly Megan, a student who can maintains an impressive 4.5 GPA while indulging in the arts, exemplifies the values of being dedicated to her education, volunteering 100 community service hours annually throught National Charity League, but also being dedicated to her friends and peers. Her understanding of all these values will definitely be an asset to her generation as they move through high school and position themselves to impact the world.

Bonus Questions:

What is your favorite food: Spaghetti with marinara sauce

What is the last book you read for pleasure: Something by Sara Dessen

If you had the power to change one thing in the world to make it a better place, what would it be: I would strive to create a community where everyone is more considerate of one another.


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