Whiz Kid of the Week: Anita Ho

Find out what makes this Whiz Kid special.

Each week San Marino Patch names a Whiz Kid of the Week. This can be a kid, teen, sports team, Girl Scout troop, etc. from San Marino who is amazing in some way.

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This week’s Whiz Kid is Anita Ho. Anita is currently an 8th grader at and will be attending the Los Angeles County High School of the Arts next year where she will further her passion for music. Anita has a sister named Selina Ho who is also at Huntington Middle School. As a talented clarinetist, Anita is a master in her craft and has even performed with the honored All-State Junior High Concert Band.   

  • Whiz Kid's Name: Anita Ho
  • Whiz Kid's Age: 14
  • Whiz Kid's School: Huntington Middle School
  • Whiz Kid's Accomplishment: Anita played in the All-State Junior High Concert band and was accepted into the prestigious Los Angeles County High School of the Arts.
  • Whiz Kid's Key to Awesomeness: What makes Anita awesome is not her natural knack for music, or her immense talent in playing the clarinet, but her overall modesty about who she is and who made her what she is. Anita truly believes the key to her success is due to the support and encouragement of her parents and all her teachers who have bestowed their knowledge upon her. She follows three important values her parents, teachers and peers have taught her. First, one should always compare yourself with someone who is better or you will never improve. Second, you should take time to do the little things that make life special. The last is the quote, “Shoot for the stars because even if you miss, you’ll reach the moon”. Like music, life is a subtle art that can only be appreciated by stopping to enjoy the simple nuances that make it special.

Bonus Whiz Kid Info

Favorite Food:  Green Tea Yogurt with Mochi

Last Book Read for Pleasure: The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

If you had power to change one thing and make the world a better place, what would that be?  Anita would want the world to have a 100% literacy rate.  With language comes understanding and hope.


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