Six Questions for a San Marino Local: Rotary President Steve Talt

A local attorney takes on the San Marino Six.

President of the Steve Talt refers to the local club he heads as the “best kept secret in town. 

“We’re involved in a tremendous amount of charitable giving,” said Talt. “There are a lot of things we do behind the scenes in the effort of giving funds.”

As part of the club’s hands-on charitable giving, Rotary helps out at the , assists local Interact clubs and provides financial support to the and .

The organization raises its funds through the .

“It’s been a great success,” said the San Marino resident. “The classic has allowed us to expand out giving to a lot of local charities.”

In addition to their service within the community, the San Marino Rotary Club has expanded its work well beyond the San Gabriel Valley.

“We started a program to develop a soccer league down in Rosarito Beach,” said Talt. “We induce kids to be involved with other activities than drugs. We support them in all aspects.”

While Talt has been involved with the local club since 1998, he became Rotary President this July.

“It is the ultimate honor at our club to serve as president,” said Talt. “I was honored when I was nominated and selected.”

When Talt joined the organization he was a Pasadena resident. While members do not have to live in San Marino, they typically do have a connection to the city through their residence or business.

“For those that want to be involved in not just charitable but a service organization, we are a one-stop organization,” said Talt. “You can give a charitable donation and volunteer your service through hands-on experience.”

In addition to his Rotary duties, Talt spends his time playing with his three 8-year-old triplets.

"That's been nothing but enjoyable," Talt said. 

Talt took time out of his busy schedule to take on the San Marino six.

What do you like most about San Marino?

My favorite thing about San Marino is the involvement of the community at all levels.

What is your favorite restaurant in San Marino?

We order every Friday or Saturday night from , but I also love the . It all depends, San Marino Grill for breakfast. The is also great.

What is your favorite place in San Marino to take a stroll or go for a run?

or the .

What is a little known fact about you?

I’ve recently began to enjoy the study of .

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Rocky Road with almonds.

You called the San Marino Rotary Club the best kept secret in San Marino. Other than Rotary, what is the best kept secret in town?

I would think the community feeling you get when you go to a football game.


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