Samual Lundquist
Originally from Ankeny, Iowa, Sam graduated in 2007 from the University of Southern California (FIGHT ON!) with degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. 
Since then, Sam has founded  The Hope Chronicles, a community-building, story-telling project that invites people all over the world to ask their neighbors one simple question: "What do you hope for?" In just under a year, his team of Community Listeners have spoken with more than 4000 people from the US to Tanzania, Canada to Vietnam, and even a local high school in South Los Angeles. A self-professed theme park scholar, Sam also works as a writer and creative associate at Thinkwell Group, a themed entertainment design firm based in Burbank, CA. Since 2007, he has developed concepts for theme parks, shows, and resorts in Abu Dhabi & Dubai and directed a live halftime show for the Atlanta Falcons. Where else does life lead him? More often than not, you can find Sam watching Fantasmic at Disneyland or searching the world for the next big bacon snack. Oh, and that strange spelling of Samual? The ''-al" at the end is a tribute to Albert Einstein, according to his Dad. Apparently, big things were expected.
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