Updated: 2010 Census--San Marino White Population Down, Asian and Hispanic Populations Up

The 2010 U.S. Census figures for California detail, among other statistics, population breakdowns for San Marino, the county and the state.

San Marino's white population has decreased and the Asian and Hispanic populations have increased, according to 2010 U.S. Census Bureau figures released Tuesday afternoon.

The Asian population in San Marino in 2000 was 6,286--only 109 people greater than the 2000 Census San Marino white population of 6,177.

But the 2010 Census figures for San Marino show a greater population difference between the city's most prevalent races. 

While the San Marino Asian population has increased almost 12 percent from 6,286 in 2000 to 7,039 in 2010, the white population has decreased by 12 percent, from 6,177 in 2000 to 5,434 in 2010.

Asians comprised 48.6 percent of San Marino's population in 2000 and now make up 53.5 percent of the city's overall population.

Hispanics have the third highest racial population in San Marino, though at 855 in 2010, it is considerably less than the white and Asian populations. It is notable, however, that in 2000 the San Marino Hispanic population was 571, meaning a 49.7 percent increase has occured in that racial population in San Marino over the past ten years.

San Marino's overall population increased by 1.6 percent, from 12,945 in 2000 to 13,147 in 2010.

The population of those 18 and older (eleigible to vote) in San Marino increased by 2.15 percent, from 9,520 in 2000 to 9,725 in 2010.

Los Angeles County remains the largest county in California.

LA County’s population increased 3.1 percent from 9,519,338 in 2000 to 9,818,605 in 2010.

California’s overall population rose 10 percent from 33,871,648 in 2000 to 37,253,956 in 2010.

The 2010 Census population figures for San Marino, LA County and California can be found below:


San Marino, CaliforniaLos Angeles, CaliforniaCalifornia Total: 13,147 9,818,605 37,253,956 Population of one race: 12,733 9,379,892 35,438,572 White alone


4,936,599 21,453,934 Black or African American alone 55 856,874 2,299,072 American Indian and Alaska Native alone 5 72,828 362,801 Asian alone 7,039 1,346,865 4,861,007 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 2 26,094 144,386 Some other race alone 198 2,140,632 6,317,372 Population of two or more races: 414 438,713 1,815,384 Hispanic or Latino
855 4,687,889 14,013,719 Age 18 or older (eligible to vote) 9,725 7,416,397 27,958,916


2000 Census figures for San Marino, Los Angeles County and California populations are below. Please note that an earlier chart displayed the racial makeup for the part of the population that is not Hispanic. The racial makeup below now includes the entire population.


San Marino, CaliforniaLos Angeles County
California Total: 12,945 9,519,338 33,871,648 Population of one race: 12,647
9,049,557 32,264,002
White alone 6,177
4,637,062 20,170,059
Black or African American alone 33
930,957 2,263,882
American Indian and Alaska Native alone 6 76,988 333,346 Asian alone 6,286 1,137,500 3,697,513 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 10 27,053 116,961 Some other race alone 135 2,239,997 5,682,241 Population of two or more races: 298 469,781 1,607,646 Hispanic or Latino
571 9,519,338 10,966,556 Age 18 or older (eligible to vote) 9,520 6,851,362 24,621,819


Correction: An earlier version of this story displayed a 2000 chart with racial population totals that were for the portion of the population that is not Hispanic, as opposed to the entire population. The 2000 chart now shows racial populations within the entire population.


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