Missed Connections: Nice Nurse & Sulfite Sweetie

Happy Valentine's Day from San Marino Patch. Here's our attempt to help Cupid along.

Ever wondered what would have happened had you just said "hello" and initiated a conversation with him? Or had just asked for her number? Not often, but occasionally, you get a second chance after a missed connection.

Craigslist offers a chance to establish a connection with someone with whom you've crossed paths, though it takes both a person to post a note and the right person to read it.

It can happen. After all, one recent poster said, though he admits it sounds "corny," "I check these missed connections several times a week . . . Whenever I see a woman in the mall or the grocery store that I think may have smiled at me or if we did a little innocent flirting in the checkout line, I will keep my fingers crossed that maybe she'll post on here. For some reason I just think that meeting that way would make a great story."

And at Patch, we love a good story! So, while odds are slim, we thought we'd help Cupid out and post some lost connections from the greater Pasadena area. You can find the whole Los Angeles County list here, but warning: listings can get racy.

Shops on lake: I had a moment with a beautiful girl and her co-worker walking down the sidewalk; definitely made eye contact and I remember going home and telling my roommate that I had just seen the most beautiful girl in the entire world. I asked another friend the best way to approach a girl who is walking with a co-worker, she said that's a tough one. Now I regret it... that is.. if this is you. <3 Those legs were realllllly putting me through it. Email me, and lets find out if this missed connection is the right connection. I certainly hope so.

Michelle, Chinese, Nurse: Hey M., Chinese nurse. No longer have your number. Still interested. Still think of you. If you're free ... N

Trader Joe's sulfite girl: Hey, we talked about sulfites. Probably should have gotten your number, but eh, c'est la vie, I guess.

Carmine's sexy couple: I'd like to dance with you guys again. You are both very sex. Wish I'd said more on the walk home.


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