Man Charged With San Marino Rape Also Charged With Loan Scam

Brian William Harrington of Pasadena, who is charged with the rape, assault and attempted murder for hire of a San Marino woman at her home, had separate charges filed against him Wednesday for a Pasadena loan scam.

While , Harrington faces separate charges of two felony grand theft counts, according to Pasadena Police Lieutenant Tracey Ibarra.

The charges were filed with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Wednesday, said Ibarra, and allege that in 2010 Harrington posed as a loan broker and scammed two Pasadena auto repair shops out of $15,000 total.

“He presented an opportunity for a secure loan and said he needed money upfront,” Ibarra told Patch Thursday.

Harrington was charged and convicted of a similar crime involving fraud in 2008 and placed on three years probation.

Ibarra could not comment as to whether Harrington also tried to scam the San Marino woman whom he is charged with raping since San Marino Police are in charge of that case and Pasadena Police are ahead of the loan scam grand theft case.

Patch will continue to look into and update this story.

Michael January 14, 2012 at 01:54 AM
Harrington tried to pull the scam on me a couple years ago. Wanted 5 grand upfront for a 150 grand payout. I wonder how many people fell for this and haven't come forward....he was doing it for years !!
Deborah Hedgecock February 05, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Debbie H. I was also a victim of this man's schemes and mortgage fraud in September of 2008. He claimed that he worked for Madison Financial Group and offered to help me refinance my home. He asked for about $3000 cash up front and strung me along for about 7 months until I realized he wasn't doing anything to secure my loan. I filed criminal charges against him on May 5, 2009 with the Pasadena Police Department for financial fraud. I ended up losing my house, my excellent credit rating, having to file for bankruptcy and became temorari;y homeless for awhile. If you include the time I wasted and the lost opportunity to recoop my losses by finding someone legitimate I would estimate that I lost about $150,000 dollars of my investment plus the cash I gave him up front. I was 62 years old at he time. He tended to prey on single senior women as well as people who were living on the edge. After I fied charges agasinst him I began meeting other people who had also been swindled by this guy. I've always considered myself an intelligent person and because he had been referred by someone I thought was a friend whom I trusted I kept hanging until it was too late save myself. I lost my life savings because of this guy. I later found out that Madison Financial Group was also a scam. DH
michael sepulveda February 23, 2012 at 06:11 PM
my name is michael Sepulveda. / industry sales inc. I was also a victim of this person, i gave him 200 k in cash and in small payments over a year of him asking me for paperwork, i own a small buss. and i was told that we would get a loan from chase for 2.5 mill , he was also working on another one of his buddys mr. morris gussin and he was supposed to get some big money if we would bail him out. nothing happened; i thought i was a smart person and would not fall for a scam like this. i know of two more persons that today also lost their home because of the actions of mr. brian harrington. to make matters worst..also my buss. is mentioned as an associate of him....imagine!!! i have proff of fake docs.that involved banks and other employees at chase, emails and info if someone needs it. i cant do anything with this but to move on.


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