Disaster Preparedness Fair Teaches Life-Saving Measures

It's not a matter of if a major earthquake will occur in Southern California, but when, according to scientists. Locals learned how to be ready for such hazards at Saturday's Disaster Preparedness Fair.

Members of the community learned how to stay safe in the event of a major disaster Saturday at the Disaster Preparedness Fair.

Experts from Caltech, the American Red Cross, the and elsewhere presented about pet first aid, , using a ham radio to communicate in the event of a major disaster and the likelihood of a large California earthquake—it is not a matter of if but when—and other topics.

“We had wonderful presenters,” said Rary Simmons, one of the event organizers.

Simmons used to teach earthquake preparedness for the Red Cross and thought a local disaster preparedness event was important.

“Then I took the and thought it was really important,” said Simmons of the local course that teaches residents how to be safe and band together in an emergency. “We felt it was very worthwhile and if we do it again I hope it will be better attended.”

Attendees had the opportunity to experience Yogi Bear’s Quakey Shakey Schoolhouse—a large truck provided and operated by the Los Angeles County Fire Department and furnished inside to look like a classroom—that simulated an earthquake between 4.5 and 5.0 magnitude. See the .

“It shakeys and quakeys way more than they said,” said Simmons.

While adults often found the “schoolhouse” to be jarring and something they wanted to experience only once, children often treated the earthquake simulation like a ride.

Local fourth grader Steven Barraza said he went on the Quakey Shakey Schoolhouse many times Saturday and wasn’t scared.

“I think it’s a great and fun bus,” said Barraza. “More people should learn about it and be more aware of it, how bad it can be.”

Booths at the event shared information and products like an earthquake preparedness kit and large water containers.

“I learned more about earthquake preparedness than I possibly knew before and … it’s been extremely valuable,” said Lucinda Boswell, a West Covina resident who was invited by a San Marino friend. “I’m totally impressed that this was offered. I’m thinking of signing up for an amateur radio license and I am definitely going to buy some water tanks and get them filled up and get myself ready.”

apbinfo June 13, 2011 at 11:37 AM
When it comes to your property, can you see what to expect in case of loss, e.g., hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire? If you are like most of the insuring public you draw a blank on that question. The bigger question is when will you preempt the course setting...join the base? www.DisasterPrepared.net


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