Protect Your Home When You Travel: Safety Tips

A brief video recommended by the San Marino Police Department shows how residents can prevent crime from occurring in their home when they travel.

The San Marino Police Department reminded residents to be vigilant about home safety while travelling through a video link sent out in a CLEARS email message Tuesday.

“August is the summer month when many of us travel,” said the SMPD message. “A terrible end to a wonderful vacation is coming home and finding you have been victim of a crime.”

The SMPD linked to this brief how-to video by Stratfor Global Intelligence that gives tips on preventing someone from entering a home and committing a crime such as burglary.

Some of the video’s tips include:

  • Take advantage of your Neighborhood Watch so you can know the volume, scope and kinds of crimes that occur around you.  

To find out more about San Marino’s Neighborhood Watch, click here.

  • Lock doors with deadbolts that are pick resistant.
  • Get a good alarm system and check it monthly.
  • Tell a neighbor your travel itinerary.
  • Hold delivery of your mail and newspaper while you are away so they don’t pile up and start suspicion that you are not home.
  • Have your yard maintained while you are away so it looks like someone is still home.
  • Close the garage before you leave.
  • Lighting: Have good perimeter lighting on the outside of the home and maintain it while away. Have interior lights turn on via timer to give the appearance that you are at home.

The CLEAR program enables residents to sign up for email alerts from the San Marino Police Department. To sign up, click here.

Bernard Azer August 03, 2011 at 09:16 PM
In addition to the above, I always have a house sitter/guest while I'm away. Motion sensing exterior lighting and an alert dog are also very helpful at scaring the bad guys away. I also think SMPD has a program whereby you can notify them of the dates you will be away and they will pay "extra attention" to your home.
Peter Choi August 03, 2011 at 10:50 PM
More tips: 1. Don't have your address visible on your luggage tag. (I just use my name/email/tel #) OR get a tag that covers the address. Someone at the airport can read your address and by the time your plane is on the runway, they are driving to your house. 2. Don't post pics of your vacation on facebook until you get home. 3. Pay a neighborhood kid to check the doors and email you a photo of the house every few days or so. It's like hiring them to mow your lawn. Their activity around the house is a good deterrent.
Mei Ling February 26, 2012 at 12:34 AM
Regarding Peter's comment on luggage tags: Put the destination address on it..the name of the hotel or friend's house. If luggage is lost, that's the address the TSA will use. Having a timer on a radio or TV is always a good idea, too!


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