'Rockefeller' Hearing: Four Blood Stains Found in San Marino Guesthouse

A criminalist and forensic scientist testified Friday afternoon that she found four blood stains in the Lorain Road guesthouse that was occupied in the 80s by Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, a man of many aliases, who is charged with murder.

When bones were found buried in the backyard of a Lorain Road home in San Marino in May 1994, forensic scientist and criminalist Lynne Harold was called to the scene.

She investigated the remains and the property’s guesthouse, where a man calling himself Christopher Chichester once lived and disappeared a few months after John and Linda Sohus, a young couple living at the home disappeared.

The remains are that of John Sohus, and Chichester has been linked with several aliases including Clark Rockefeller, arrested in 2007 for kidnapping his daughter during a supervised visit, but has been identified as German national Christian Karl Gerharsreiter.

When Harold first investigated the guesthouse in 1994, she pulled up carpet to reveal a slab of smooth cement where she detected four blood stains, one measuring almost two feet by two feet.

She found that three of the stains had a “wiping pattern,” which in her opinion meant someone had wiped the blood when it was wet or wiped the blood with something wet.

The size of the stains were not indicative of a routine cut, Harold said.

Harold also examined a fibrous material that she determined to be brown human hair with a natural wave that had decomposing scalp tissue.

Other Crime Scene Investigator Was “Stupid”

In an attempt to discredit , defense attorney Jeffrey Denner recalled an email Harold sent to a detective that referred to Daye as “stupid” and another email in which Harold called Daye a “bozo anthropologist.”

Daye testified Wednesday that she had originally identified the Lorain Road home remains found in 1994 as that of a mongoloid, possibly someone of Asian, descent, but later amended her findings to say the remains were Caucasian.

“It is my way of being who I am, which is very critical of people who don’t do things the way they should be done,” said Harold of her comments regarding Daye.

The comments were based on a television news clip in which Harold had seen Daye at the 1994 crime scene digging with a wooden stake.

When prosecutor Deputy District Attorney Habib Balian asked Harold about her first-hand observation of Daye, she said it was the few seconds in the news clip, as well as comments made by a colleague who was at the scene that day.

Stay tuned for more Friday witness testimony. Follow us on twitter @SanMarinoPatch for updates.

Jose Nascimento February 12, 2013 at 10:00 AM
I was in prison in Gardner with Mr. Rockfeller and while I was there Mr. Rockfeller was trying to find an MS13 memcer to kill his ex wife.


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