Your Picks for the Worst Intersections and Roads in San Marino

Could San Marino streets really be the safest in the Southland, or did we miss something? Check out the below map for problems across L.A. County.

Last week we asked Patch readers in L.A. County to name their worst intersections, roads and freeway spots and with your input, we produced the above map from reader contributions.

Surprisingly local Patch readers seem to think San Marino streets and roads are the safest in the county, declining to point out any problem areas in the city. But are the city streets really that safe? Or did our readers fall short on noting areas that trigger cause for concern when it comes to driver and pedestrian safety?

Our readers did, however, sound off on problematic areas in nearby communities.

"It's really not a typical intersection, but a triangle. It is Garfield, Huntington Dr and Atlantic triangle on the border of South Pasadena, San Marino and Alhambra. This triangle is a pedestrian wasteland." - Re: N. Garfield Ave. at Huntington Dr. in South Pasadena

"When you are trying to cross Green you have to go out into the intersection to see if any cars are coming. It is a complete blind spot. Not only does this small intersection get major traffic from Pasadena City College but also from an elementary school. It is also a popular spot due to Cherry on Top and McDonalds." - Holliston Ave. at Green St. in Pasadena

"There is literally an accident a day here - just ask the insurance companies. I was involved in one a couple of weeks ago on this street because an inept driver turned into me from the left lane while I was making a right from the right lane. Beware of Baldwin AVE!!!" - Re: Baldwin Ave. south of Huntington Dr. in Arcadia

Please check out the map above for more reader-generated problem intersections and freeway spots.  

How to Add Your Own Contribution to the Map

It's not too late to add your own - simply click the 'add' button in the upper-right corner of the map and enter the location of the problem area and a description of the problem.  You can also drag the marker directly onto the map if you are not sure how to describe the intersection.

Do you agree with the lack of concerns raised about San Marino's roads and intersections? Are there areas in town that are a concern for you?


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