City Council Approves City Hall Renovations

The renovations could cost as much as $927,000 and aim to make City Hall easier for the public to use.

At an , the San Marino City Council approved almost $1 million in work to be performed on , the Pasadena Sun reported.

After a , the city council voted 4-0 in favor of renovations that aim to make City Hall a one-stop shop downstairs for the community and streamline processes like obtaining permits. Currently, community members have to ascend a flight of stairs to get certain business done at City Hall.

The renovations will also restore the building to some of its original 1920s character and aim to improve city council meeting presentations.

Action on the renovations had been delayed pending the November 2011 vote on The measure, which needed two-thirds approval to pass,  

Four firms have submitted bids for the renovations. Cost of the design/construction administration will range from $26,500 to $106,747 and cost for the construction project ranges from $740,000 to $820,000, according to a city report. The funds will come from the City's general fund.

excused himself from the vote since one of the architectural firms bidding on the City Hall job has worked on his home, according to the Sun.

City officials hope to have the renovations completed by the . During renovations, City Hall business will be conducted at an offsite location in the city.

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