City Council to Discuss Protest Ordinance at Wednesday's Meeting

The ordinance would give the city more power to direct protests at a private residence into a public right of way.

The San Marino City Council will discuss an ordinance that would allow police officers to redirect protests on private property to a public area.

The proposed law change, described in the city council agenda as a "public parade and assembly" ordinance, is getting its second reading after getting initial support at September's meeting.

The Pasadena Sun, which wrote about the proposed ordinance following that meeting, described the ordinance as giving "city officials the power to direct demonstrations to the grassy median areas along Huntington Drive or to public sidewalks away from a target's home."

The ordinance comes following events in the last year that included an Wells Fargo's executive's San Marino home getting  targeted by Occupy protestors last October and again in April.  The Council passed an ordinance last year that created a buffer zone for protestors of 150 feet from any residence or 75 feet from the curb abutting the property.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. at City Hall.  The full agenda can be viewed at right.


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