D.A. Declines to Prosecute Bryson In Hit and Runs

The district attorney declines to file charges, finding insufficient evidence of any crime.

The District Attorney’s Office has declined to file a case against former Secretary of Commerce and San Marino resident John Bryson, having found insufficient evidence of driving under the influence or other crime, the office announced.

Bryson was involved in

The D.A. found that Bryson had no alcohol in his system at the time of the accidents, but did have Ambien, a prescription sleep aid. The office could not determine if the presence of the drug was a factor in the accidents. A .pdf of the district attorney's findings is attached to this article.

After the crashes, which Bryson's office attributed to a seizure, the 68-year-old Bryson flew back to Washington. The White House announced that Bryson will take a medical leave of absence as "he undergoes tests and evaluations."

Read Patch's earlier coverage of Bryson's case here.


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