Photos, Video: Officials Visit Taiwan Sister City

To formalize a new sister city relationship between San Marino and Tamsui, Taiwan, members of the San Marino City Council, City staff and the Chinese Club visited the city earlier this month.

With over half of the San Marino population being of Asian descent, and the majority of that population being Taiwanese, San Marino has officially established a sister city relationship with Tamsui, Taiwan.

In honor of that relationship, several San Marino officials and residents visited Tamsui earlier this month to meet with Tamsui officials and tour the country.

“It’s to promote cultural understanding and maybe economic activities between the two towns,” told Patch about the trip and sister city relationship, facilitated by the .

See the video above to see Sun address a group in Tamsui during the ceremony where he co-signed the sister city agreement and photos from the trip.

See the full story on San Marino's sister city visit here.


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