Whiz Kid: Graduation Speaker Hannah Tandon

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We live in a world of numbers: phone numbers, statistics, grades, bank accounts. In many ways, the advancement of the digital age has transformed much of our interactions into perpetually long-distance relationships. It's rare in a time of facebook and twitter to see an individual so in-touch with her ability to self-express and connect with others.  Hannah Tandon is one such individual.

Whiz Kid's Name: Hannah Tandon

Whiz Kid's Age: 18 Years old

Whiz Kid's School: Alumnus, accepted to Amherst College

Whiz Kid's Accomplishment:

Selected as one of two students to speak at the San Marino High School's June 8 Commencement ceremony. The topic is based on that year’s Grad Night theme. The GradNite theme for 2012 was "Las Vegas Nights", and her speech described and shared her point of view of what the high school experience is about in poker terminology.

Whiz Kid's Key to Awesomeness:

The key to Hannah's awesomeness are her abilities to stay in-touch with herself and connect with others. Given the competitive nature of the academic world, the work force, and even the social world, being kind, considerate, and compassionate to others often gets lost in the scuffle to succeed. Hannah's ability to live counter-culturally is truly inspiring. She genuinely enjoys meeting people from all different backgrounds as it is her firm belief that hearing the opinions and views of others is important in bridging the divides that seem to grow wider and wider with each day.

Whether it's celebrating the successes of her friends, being that friendly shoulder to cry on through hard times, or perservering through setbacks that discourage from chasing one's dreams, Hannah makes a daily effort to be a good listener as well as be dependable. It's no wonder that she was selected as one of the commencement speakers. The insight she has into others that makes her so accessible to people of all ages is certainly a gift that will carry her throughout her academic career and beyond. Be it any challenge--learning how to play the French horn or combating the fear of public speaking that affects the vast majority of the population--Hannah is always quick to laugh and ready to love.

Hannah is considering a profession in neuroscience, chemistry, or economics.

Bonus Questions:

What is your favorite food?

Buenos Candy Bars


What is the last book you read for pleasure?

Rosengrantz and Guildenstern are Dead


If you had the power to change one thing in the world to make it a better place, what would it be?

"I would make it so that people treat everyone the same way as they would treat their own family."


Who are your parents?

Sanjeev and Adrienne Tandon and she is the only child of the family, however they have a cat named Marimba.

Gilda Moshir June 15, 2012 at 04:57 AM
Woohoo Adrienne, you must be SO proud


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